PhD in clinical psychology,  University of Detroit - 1983

M.A. in clinical psychology.  University of Detroit - 1979

Phi Beta Kappa. Wayne State University - 1972

Psi Chi Honors Society, Wayne State University - 1972

Certified Hypno Therapist, State of Michigan - 1995/96. Studied at
The Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy, East Lansing, MI


Olga changed my life. I am a wife of 12 years and a mom of 3 kids - I love my life, but this year began with a lot of difficult challenges for our family. I had never been depressed before, but I found myself feeling mentally stuck and sad, like I could never unbury the life I wanted to be living. Olga spoke with me weekly and it changed everything. Though you are actually the one doing most of the talking, Olga finds a way to steer the conversation in such a direction that you start uncovering and discovering things you didn't know you needed to address. After each session, I would leave feeling relieved and like a weight had been lifted as I faced the coming week. Olga's office is a comfortable, safe place to talk free from judgment. Olga is very kind, patient, understanding, and helpful. No problem or concern is off limits. Going to Olga helped me get ME back, and in return my family is stronger and closer - my mind, unburied, unstuck, and not so sad, but hopeful! I think one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to take some time to help us be the best "us" we can be & counseling does wonders for that. If you feel you could benefit from a good quality place with fantastic results and one of the nicest people to help you overcome life's obstacles, go to Olga. It will change you too.

Laura, Brighton, MI

Olga is a very open person and knows exactly what to say. She does not judge and makes you feel comfortable. She is a very competent therapist.

Jill, Brighton, MI

Olga is a very loving, compassionate person. She listens so well and is totally nonjudgmental. She is there 100% for me; and I appreciate that. I can tell she has worked many years with this and trained in many different modalities. I am amazed at her talents and empathy.

Pat, Ann Arbor, MI