PhD in clinical psychology,  University of Detroit - 1983

M.A. in clinical psychology.  University of Detroit - 1979

Phi Beta Kappa. Wayne State University - 1972

Psi Chi Honors Society, Wayne State University - 1972

Certified Hypno Therapist, State of Michigan - 1995/96. Studied at
The Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy, East Lansing, MI


Am I covered by insurance?

My services are covered by many insurance companies, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, PPO's, Community Blues, Aetna, Magellen, McLaren Health Advantage, etc. and several Employee Assistance Programs. For your particular coverage, you need to call your insurance personnel and find out what your outpatient mental/behavioral health coverage is. This includes percent covered, any deductibles and copayments. For private pay fees, please call my office at 810.623.0510.

Do I get feedback in therapy sessions?

Yes, I not only listen carefully, but I do respond to you and your situation and give you feedback. I may also ask you to explore a situation more or look at your reactions more carefully. I may ask you to note patterns in your thinking, reactions and behaviors.

How often do we meet?

Initially we meet on a weekly basis until we are on course with identifying your issues and working on your set goals. Then we can meet less frequently to support you and the changes you have decided to make to ensure success and practicality.

How long do I go to therapy?

The length of therapy depends on your presenting problems and their complexity. The average length of therapy is generally 8 sessions, although you may need more or less depending on how long it takes to reach your goals.

Will I be judgmental?

No, I do not make judgments nor do I make you feel guilty. I know you have come in for a good reason and I work on helping you solve the issues, decrease your symptoms and feel better about yourself.