PhD in clinical psychology,  University of Detroit - 1983

M.A. in clinical psychology.  University of Detroit - 1979

Phi Beta Kappa. Wayne State University - 1972

Psi Chi Honors Society, Wayne State University - 1972

Certified Hypno Therapist, State of Michigan - 1995/96. Studied at
The Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy, East Lansing, MI

At some point in our lives we all experience emotions and situations that can feel overwhelming.  I will work with you on your personal challenges with support and caring, and always treat you with respect.

I have worked with many people who have experienced anxiety, depression, mood swings.  This may have been due to changes in their life, adjustment issues, a loss or work situations.  Or it may have been due to relationship problems, such as with their marriage or with their significant other, with family or children.  Some have gone through a divorce process or had been trying to blend families.  Their stress may have included physical symptoms, such as having trouble sleeping, nervousness, racing thoughts, irritability, eating differently, low energy or not feeling motivated.

It is a courageous move to take the first step and schedule a psychotherapy appointment.  This will start the process of healing and developing a better life for yourself.  We will work to identify and understand the issues involved to alleviate your stress and to decrease your symptoms.  Working with you, I will serve as a catalyst for your healing and personal growth.

It is a great accomplishment to overcome your personal challenges and increase your self-esteem.  With healing yourself, you increase your ability to love others and yourself, and to improve your relationships.  Successful psychotherapy is a form of self-empowerment and increases your self-confidence.